January 21, 2019 our board in Israel voted unanimously to purchase property for a women’s shelter. We will keep you informed.

We continue seeing men come into our men’s recovery program and their lives changed for time and eternity.

Thanks for your support.


In July 2012 we were able to hire our second employee in Israel. Dmitri was hired to be the director of our Men’s Transformational Shelter. Up to this point our director, Gene was running all of our programs along with doing all the administrative work.

With the hiring of Dmitri, the men’s program will have more attention, adding depth to the recovery which is so much needed to see long term growth and success to the men going through the program.

Dmitri brings a master’s level degree in counseling which is going to benefit the men and their families. One of the dreams Gene has had is being able to work with the families of the men in program on a deeper level. This can now take place.
On January 1, 2013 we moved into a newer facility for the men. Up until January of 2013 the men were living in a small two bedroom apartment in which we were housing up to 7 men. Now we have a 6 bedroom house. In addition it is a newer home and will add dignity to our program.


We have taken the steps necessary to establish our first men’s shelter for which we are grateful to the God of Israel for opening these doors and allowing us to share His great love for each of us. People are finding hope and help. That is what the work of Rescue is all about.

One of the big needs we are seeing is the need to establish a women’s shelter for the prostitutes that want out of their trade and want a better life for themselves. You will see under our goals for 2010 that this is an area we believe the God of Israel is leading us into. There is a lot of work that must be done in order to accomplish this task. We are trusting Almighty God to lead us and to provide the leadership and direction in this most important step – providing the Love of God and the hope and help needed for people to become godly productive citizens in the land of Israel.


In the late spring of 2009 the leader of the group Gene is working with relapses back into his own alcohol addiction and leaves the men. A pastor working with the group asks Gene and Ohel Avraham if we can take over the responsibilities of help the men and keep them from becoming homeless again.

We work with an attorney and make sure there are no legal issues that we must deal with and to make sure we are in compliance with state of Israel laws and regulations.

We have also begun to work with a small church group, using their facility to serve a meal and share the Good News of the Gospel with the homeless and street people. God is bringing people into our midst who are hurting and have lost all hope of a better life.

Into this hurting and discourage group of people we are seeing those who are finding hope in Yeshua the Messiah and some are getting their lives back together.


In August 2008 he receives training in working with addictive people. With the Word of God and his training, he is now ready to begin the process of setting up a men’s shelter. Gene established himself with a group of men who are living together in a communal setting. The leader of the group invites Gene to work with the men, teaching them how to live better lives with God’s help and learning of the Scriptures to deal with their life problems including living free from addiction.


Interviews are held and a director is hired for Ohel Avraham, the outreach arm of Rescue In Israel. I was never the intent of Rescue In Israel to go to Israel to do the work of Rescue, but to raise up indigenous leaders and organizations in the Land to do the work of Rescue.

Gene, our director is hired and from June to October 2007 he is brought to the U.S. where he receives training in the work of Rescue at various Rescue Missions and Union Gospel Missions around the U.S.

At the completion of his training he returns to Israel where he will then move the work forward, establishing a volunteer base and building up the street feeding program.


The first meal of Rescue In Israel outreach is served to the homeless and the hungry of Tel Aviv. The board has labored diligently to bring together volunteers and resources to begin a feeding ministry. We give God praise that September 25 was the beginning.

We believe God is blessing and will continue to bless as we give attention to homeless, the addicted and the needy in Israel.

June/July 2006: These months were spend finalizing our vision and mission and setting up for a soup kitchen.

In July we formed the official board of the Rescue In Israel Outreach regarding our non-profit status. Papers were finalized with the attorney and filed with the state of Israel. We are now an official non-profit organization and ready to do business helping the homeless, the addicted and the poor.

In September we will open a soup kitchen for those living on the streets of Tel Aviv.

On February 13, 2006 we meet with leaders from 12 congregations and from their interest and excitement formed a committee to establish our purpose, vision, mission, values statements and a statement of faith.

God has brought together Israeli’s, Palestinians, Russians, Americans and others, working together to help bring His love to the homeless, the addicted and the poor.

We will accomplish this work through Rescue In Israel ‘s Outreach program.


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