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Israel has many of the same social ills as any nation today. Prostitution is among this list. There are secular efforts to try and help but little is being done to provide help from a spiritual and scriptural perspective. We are in the planning stages of establishing a women’s recovery shelter for prostitutes that we work with but have no place to put them if they want change in their lives.

We will need to raise approximately $70,000 by 2013 to begin the process of establishing this much needed work. In early 2013 we will begin the process of identifying and hiring a director for this women’s recovery shelter. Training will follow. As the training is being accomplished, we will begin the process of finding a facility where we can house the women.

Our vision is to open the women’s recovery shelter in the fall of 2013.


1. Legal issues have been resolved regarding the men’s group we have been working with. In January, by board action we opened the first men’s shelter. Read the December 2009 Newsletter to hear the testimonies of men in the program that we are working with. The opening of this shelter is a milestone in the work Almighty God has called us to and we are already seeing the fruits of the work we have been called to do.

As of April 2010 we are looking for a new home for the men in our shelter. The owner of the building we lease has decided he wants his apartments for other purposes and has given us till July to find other facilities. We are thankful he is willing to work with us in this process. Be in prayer that we can find a new home for the men.

In many ways we are thankful for this push because of the condition of the facilities we inherited. They are in much need of repair and we want a place where the living quarters are better for the men.

2. April 2010 w will enter into discussion stages of creating a women’s shelter for prostitutes. We will be putting a plan together and establishing a budget for this program. There are no godly women’s shelters in the Tel Aviv area at this time. There is a major need for this type of ministry as we are currently working with the street women but have no effective place to put them when they want to make changes in their lives.


1. Establish a men’s shelter for the homeless. Gene has been working with a group of men living together but without much leadership. In late 2009 the leader of this group relapsed himself, leaving the men without leadership. Legal issues are being looked at to determine the direction we need to take without leaving the men to make it on their own.

2. We have talked of expanding our street feeding program so that we can have greater contact with more of the homeless and addicted. This was accomplished in late 2009 in working with a small church near where the addicts and prostitutes live.


1. Increase the feeding ministry. Poverty runs somewhere around 30% in Israel and many go hungry. We are committed to following the leading of the Lord in meeting this critical need.

2. Establish an Executive Director’s job description and hire an Executive Director for the Israel work of Rescue In Israel in late February, 2007. The Executive Director will cross train with Union Gospel Missions in the United States and City Missions in Europe for several months and then return to Israel to begin the process of setting up the first godly Rescue emergency shelter program in Israel. This first shelter will be established in Tel Aviv where the greatest number of homeless resides at this time. Our vision is that the shelter established in Tel Aviv will become a model for other cities in Israel.

**In March, 2007 the board of Rescue In Israel ‘s work in Tel Aviv selected Gene as our new director. More will be published on our website regarding this selection in the weeks ahead as we work out the details. Also, we have modified our goal regarding shelter: we will begin with a men’s shelter.

3. Establish an emergency homeless shelter in mid to late 2008. The emergency shelter will become the doorway to other services and ministries. The first step is to get people “off the street”. In the shelter these individuals will experience the love of God in practical ways, through loving, caring staff and volunteers and programs set up to help break the cycle of homelessness that many find themselves in bondage to. As those coming to the shelter begin to find help and hope, they will desire to make something of their lives.

Through this doorway individuals will be given the opportunity to study God’s word and find that their Messiah lives. Life skills programs will be offered to help with language needs, job training, family relations and many other needs, most specifically the study of the Word of God.

The eventual goal continues to be an emergency shelter.

4. Within the emergency shelter network, we will establish a medical/dental clinic for those who have no access to these services.

5. The long term goal of these programs is to help return individuals and eventually families to godly productive lives where they can contribute in positive ways to their society in Israel.


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