Feeding the Hungry

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Poverty is found in all societies and Israel is no exception. Our hearts break for those who, for whatever reason are not able to obtain nutritious meals. Through the work of Rescue In Israel, we are committed to helping provide individuals with meals that will lift the spirit and the body. We have no criteria as to who will be served. If people are hungry, let them come and be fed.

Some say – why the emphasis on feeding. Well – read what follows as a result of our feeding on the streets of Tel Aviv:

Denis’ Testimony

“This feeding program . . . gave me the chance to change my life.

“I was addicted to drugs (heroin) for 12 years, yet I didn’t see any way out. My goal was to find a heroin fix twice a day to feel normal. In addition, I’m seriously sick with two very dangerous diseases.

“When I saw your team distributing food for free, I was very suspicious. I thought, ‘That’s impossible—somebody gives without wanting to gain something.’ I couldn’t comprehend this.

“For me, I maintained neat clothes and hairstyle, but the others smelled bad and had dirty clothes. And yet your team could hug them and shake their hands. Your team talked with them like equals—like they were on the same level with them. We who live on the street can tell those who are faking it immediately. Your team loved us sincerely. I came to understand that God loves me and wants to give me a chance to change my life.

“Now I’m in a recovery program with other drug and alcohol addicts. We pray and study the Bible together. Please pray that God will strengthen me.”

Tony’s Story

December 2009 Tony was 23 when he came in contact with Gene and our ministry team in Israel. Tony had been on the streets of Tel Aviv since he was 13 years of age and a drug user.

He had recently met a young lady and they were married. I will call her Maria. Maria is in her early twenties. Maria was kicked out of her home when she was 15 and had been living on the streets as well.

On this December 2009 evening, they have come to get something to eat from our team. The team had shared God’s love and now Gene was telling Tony and his wife about God’s plan for their redemption and a new life.

It was not long until Tony accepted Yeshua as his redeemer and Lord. It was some time later that Maria also accepted Yeshua as her Lord.

Gene has been working with Tony and Maria. He has helped them get into an apartment of their own and they are beginning to participate in a church fellowship.

About 3 weeks ago, Tony called Gene and said, “I have something to tell you—I want you to be the first to know: Maria is pregnant and we are going to have our first baby.”

Gene has become, not only a spiritual mentor to Tony and Maria, he has become a spiritual father to them as well.

Michael R

“Before I came to know God as my redeemer, my life was a mess. I had filled it with all kinds of sin: alcohol, adultery and speaking evil of others along with many others.

“I heard of the men’s shelter and I was allowed to come into the program. There, I started reading the Bible and praying. I asked God to forgive me of my sins and he did. My life is turned around, I am feeling so much better and my health is improving.

“I have found peace in my heart and I find joy in working and being useful. It is on my heart to help people. I have a new foundation for my life in Christ and He gives me a sense of purpose and hope. I have had the great joy of being baptized in the name of Yeshua HaMashiah (Jesus the Christ).

“I want to serve God with my life and with my music. My desire is to learn the Word of God and to live according to His word like with Ephesians 6:17, ‘And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.’

“I am grateful for Gene and the men’s shelter.”


“My whole life has been one of searching for pleasures and sin. When I was 27 I became an alcoholic. My life became a living hell and I was continuously drunk. I was arrested and placed in jail. After I got out of jail, there was no change and I continued to drink and live in sin.

“I got involved in adultery and my wife left me. It was not long after that I was arrested again and put in jail and there I realized there was no hope and no help. Then I thought about God and what I had heard that that He has never forsaken us. I prayed, crying out to God, asking Him to forgive me and the sins in my life. God forgave me and I felt a peace and a calm.

“When I was released, I asked Gene and Sasha (one of the men helping Gene in the street ministry) and they told me about the men’s shelter. They allowed me to come live there. God is performing miracles and I am in reconciliation with my wife and I want to restore our family. I am free from alcohol and cigarettes. I give praise to our Savior Yeshua. I want to devote my life to serve Him.”


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