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My, how time has slipped by and we find ourselves at the end of another year – a year of challenge. However, ADONAI has been so faithful in ministering His love in and through the lives of so many.

We trust, despite all that is going on, you are looking forward to 2022 and the continued faithfulness and work of ADONAI in our lives and our world.

It is a joy to bring our December newsletter to you as we read again what ADONAI is doing in the lives of those we minister to in Israel.

In addition, we are moving forward with our women’s shelter. We have our property and with Covid and the slowness of how building takes place in Israel, it will take us another 4 years to complete a building. Thus, the board has taken action to move forward, starting with finding a lady to lead the women’s program and get her needed training. In the meantime we will begin looking for property to rent until we have the building completed.

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George Wehnes
Director, Rescue In Israel

Shalom and Welcome to the Rescue In Israel Website – Sharing the good news of what Adonai Elohim is doing in Eretz Israel – the Land of Israel.

Rescue In Israel is the only “Rescue” mission in Israel patterned after Rescue Missions and Union Gospel Missions here in the U.S.

There is a very popular phrase and song in Israel and around the world, “Baruch haba B’shem Adonai” These words have great significance today in light of the fact that Adonai Elohim is bringing the Jewish people back into their ancient homeland in fulfillment of His promise to Moses, to Abraham and many others.

When Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah, returns to earth at the end of days, Scripture tells us that He will return to Jerusalem. The question of “when” is filled with mystery and much speculation. However, from Yeshua’s own words we have a clue – “Baruch haba B’shem Adonai.”

You can read these words in Matthew 23: 37-39, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem . . . How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing . . . for I say to you, you shall not see Me no more till you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’” (Baruch haba B’shem Adonai)

Yeshua gives us insight regarding His return. The “you” spoken of here is none other than the Jewish believers.

Throughout Israel today, if you attend a Messianic congregation (those who believe in Yeshua as the Messiah) on Shabbat you will most likely hear them sing this song, written by Paul Wilbur. They recognize that they hold a key in the return of Yeshua at the end of days.

Rescue In Israel, with your prayers and your support is being used by Adonai to transform the lives of the homeless, addicted and victims of human trafficking in Israel so that they too, will join the chores of saints who will sing, “Baruch haba B’shem Adonai,” welcoming the Messiah back to Israel.

Help us reach more of those living on the streets of Israel without help and without hope.

Enjoy reading through the rest of this website of what Adonai is doing in Israel in these days.

Thank you,

George Wehnes

ISAIAH 58:6-7

“Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice, to undo the thongs of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover them, and not to hide yourself from your own kin?” (Isaiah 58:6-7, NRSV).


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To honor the Almighty God by establishing and funding Yeshua-centered programs of rescue, recovery and restoration to needy men, women and children in the land of (eretz) Israel.

VISION . . .

An Israel whose people are free from homelessness and addictive behavior and are in right relationship with Yeshua their Messiah (Jesus Christ).